If you share a passion for creating opportunities for youth and residents of Red Hook to determine their own bright futures, we’d love to meet you. Learn more below about our open positions.

Academic Advisor

Red Hook Initiative is seeking an Academic Advisors to work closely with high school participants who are participants in RHI’s Youth Leader programs. Academic Advisors help participants navigate academic deficits as they work toward their high school diploma. They provide individual and small group academic coaching to participants in core subjects: Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Living Environment, Global Studies and English. They also accommodate Youth Leaders daily during Study Lounge – an academic space dedicated to completing homework and other academic-related school projects. Academic Advisors additionally support participants with co-creating individualized “participant improvement plans”; co-create lessons; and provide Regents Prep tutoring.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter in one pdf to apply@rhicenter.org with “Academic Advisor” in the subject line.

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Academic Advisor: STEM

Advisors help Middle School and High School Youth learn through academic enrichment activities, review content being taught in school, and support them to complete projects and homework assignments. Academic Advisors meet weekly with the Education Manager and Middle School Manager to review individual “participant improvement plans” and bi-weekly with the education team to explore supportive opportunities for educational success. Academic Advisors provide academic support for youth throughout the year in the following ways: one-on-one or small group tutoring sessions, management of the study lounge, education assessment & Goal setting and more.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter in one pdf to apply@rhicenter.org with “Academic Advisor: STEM” in the subject line.

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Clinical Counselor

The clinical team with collaboration of administrative staff, are building a healing justice focused social/emotional team. It is our vision to witness the community of Red Hook reach the maximum expression of their humanity. Red Hook is impacted by the pressures, stressors, and violence of systemic oppression and generational trauma. We believe that it is everyone’s inherent human right to be treated with respect and dignity. It is our intention to support young people towards their emotional health and healing by providing social-emotional therapeutic services in a non-clinical, community-based setting.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter in one pdf to apply@rhicenter.org with “Clinical Counselor” in the subject line.

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Employee Support Consultant

Our work is focused on youth development, community building, and community hiring. Dozens of participants in RHI programs have returned to RHI as staff, and have jump-started careers in youth development from there. A key component of our approach to youth development and community building lies in the integration of socio-emotional support. Social work values and holistic practices are essential to our service delivery model and in turn essential for protecting our workforce. We are seeking a dynamic, community-minded professional to help support our staff with the stress of front-line service work, and help strengthen their ability to navigate their own personal and professional challenges so that they can better support our participants and community.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter in one pdf to apply@rhicenter.org with “Consultant: Employee Support” in the subject line.

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Workforce Development Manager

The workforce development manager leads RHI’s older youth workforce development pipeline serving ages 16 to 24-years-old to make advancements in their economic mobility and pursue their goals by offering services for career readiness & exploration, securing financially viable employment, and employability skills-building. They will manage RHI’s Young Adult workforce development offerings, which predominantly focuses on serving out-of-school & out-of-work residents, college scholars, as well as the underemployed. The workforce development manager oversees the young adult individualized employment consultations & goal-setting sessions, occupational skills training referrals, and subsidized internship placements.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter in one pdf to apply@rhicenter.org with “Workforce Development Manager” in the subject line.

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