We offer a seasonal weekly produce share of vegetables grown right here in Red Hook. Supplemental shares of eggs, fruit and cheese (that we order from other local vendors) are also offered. Support our model of urban agriculture and youth empowerment while taking home fresh produce at affordable prices. We are unique among urban CSAs because the farm in which you invest is right here in your community! Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions section below before registering!


  • Dates: June 15/17 through November 16/18
  • Duration: 22 weeks
  • No pick up on August 31 or September 2
  • Pick up option 1: Saturdays, 10am-1pm at the Columbia Street Farm (560 Columbia Street)
  • Pick up option 2: Thursdays, 5-7pm at Red Hook Initiative (767 Hicks Street) – note the later hours!


  • Full share: ~4 people
  • Small share: ~2 people, pricing is 65% of full share
  • Payment: cash, check, debit/credit, EBT
  • NYCHA residents have a weekly payment option
  • Pricing is sliding scale based on household income

Level 1:

  • Full share: $363 ($16.50/week)
  • Small share: $237 ($10.77/week)
  • Household income: under $45,000
  • Payable in full in advance, or in two equal installments

Level 2:

  • Full share: $484 ($22/week)
  • Small share: $315 ($14.32/week)
  • Household income: $45,000-$65,000
  • Payable in full in advance, or in two equal installments

Level 3:

  • Full share: $605 ($27.50/week)
  • Small share: $394 ($17.90/week)
  • Household Income: $65,000 and higher
  • Payable in full in advance, or in two equal installments

Level 4: aka Benefactor Level, supports Level 1 and 2 shares

  • Full share: $726 ($33/week)
  • Small share: $472 ($21.45/week)
  • Household Income: any
  • Payable in full in advance, or in two equal installments


  • Fruit share: Full, $330, Small, $214.50
  • Egg share: Dozen, $126.50, Half-Dozen, $77
  • Cheese share: Full, $347, Small, $185


What is a CSA?

A CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, is an arrangement where at the beginning of the season (late spring/early summer) a group of people buy shares of the upcoming harvest directly from a farm. Then, every week they pick up their individual share of vegetables until the end of the season. This group of people are investing in the farm!  The farmer benefits from a guaranteed group of buyers and the CSA members benefit from fresh, affordable produce. As with any investment, the farmer and the CSA members share in the triumphs and struggles of growing food. A bad year for cucumbers is a tragedy for all but a great season for tomatoes means that members get pounds and pounds for salsas galore!

Why should I join?

There are so many reasons to join a CSA, especially the Red Hook CSA! First, your membership re-circulates money back through Red Hook by supporting our ability to hire local youth to run the farm. The vegetables will have traveled ZERO miles, reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring you have the freshest vegetables possible. CSA’s are also an important tool for strengthening local food systems. And finally, you get to meet more of your neighbors and hang out at the best farm in Brooklyn!

What would I get every week? 

We provide a variety of vegetables and herbs (usually 7-10) every week, based on what is ready to harvest. An example full share from a random week last summer: 5 lbs. eggplant, 2 bunches Swiss chard, 2 lbs. cucumber, 2 bunches collards, 2 lbs. sweet peppers, 3/4 lb. hot peppers, 2 bunches arugula, and 4 ears corn.

What if I miss a week?

If you know you can’t pick up your share, have a friend come get it instead. Unclaimed shares are donated to our local food pantry here in Red Hook. We don’t hold shares for pick up at a later time.

Can I pick up my share on a Thursday one week, and a Saturday another week?

No, you can only pick up on your regular day.

Can I come earlier or later than the pick-up time?

No, we are not able to accommodate early pick ups at the farm or as we are setting up. Similarly, once we’ve packed up, it’s a wrap! Please make every effort to come during the stated times – staffing and work flow is calibrated to the minute so we can have everything ready on time, and meet all the other needs of the farms and our program participants as well.

Do I have to volunteer? In the past, we used to ask members to volunteer 6 hours of their time during the season to support the weekly CSA distributions as well as ongoing farm work. After suspending this requirement during the pandemic, we have decided to leave the volunteering as strictly optional moving forward. We have a variety of tasks across both farm sites that require varying levels of physicality that could use your support! You can sign up through our Volunteer Intake Form! Once you fill out the form, you’ll get a link in the auto-reply that takes you to the shift sign up.