Participatory Research

What is Participatory Action Research?

Red Hook Initiative utilizes participatory action research (PAR) to provide a platform for residents to define neighborhood issues and propose solutions, allowing our organization to better understand and respond to challenges facing youth and community members. In the PAR process, a team of residents most affected by an issue defines the research question, determines methods for data collection, analyzes the data, and generates products, actions, and proposals. RHI has partnered with Public Science Project in implementing PAR projects over the past 3 years. As a result, RHI has produced the following research reports:

Our Latest Report: Real Rites Research: Young Adults’ Experiences of Violence and Dreams of Community-Led Solutions in Red Hook, Brooklyn (2019)

Researchers Note: We are a group of young adults from Red Hook. We grew up in this community witnessing violence, disinvestment, and over-policing. In the summer of 2017, we came together because we were tired of being ignored and harassed and because we were ready to make a change. We took matters into our hands and launched a research study about violence and community-building for young adults in Red Hook. The research was conducted by us, with us, and for us. This report, released in 2019, is what we found.

Our Team

We chose the name Real Rites because we know the meaning of participatory research and one of the key factors is being representative of the neighborhood. Most of our team members have 10+ years in the community. The term ‘Real Rites’ is known among Red Hook youth as meaning genuine and true; our team and our work represents this. Meet the Real Rites Researchers.